Dimitri Allegoet - CEO

Who we are ?

Founder and CEO of eu-analytics

Since his first steps into the world of web development at the age of 15, Dimitri Allegoet has always been driven by a passion for innovation and a deep respect for online privacy. As a self-taught developer.

Dimitri gained valuable expertise working in several renowned Lyon-based companies, where he contributed to the creation of high-performance and ethical web solutions.

Today, with a desire to transform the French web landscape, Dimitri has taken the plunge and launched eu-analytics, an ethical alternative to Google Analytics.

This innovative service stands out for its commitment to protecting user privacy and fully complying with GDPR. By hosting all data in France, eu-analytics not only guarantees the security of information but also the trust of its customers.

Proud of his journey and guided by his vision for the future of the web, Dimitri is determined to make eu-analytics a benchmark in ethics and privacy protection.

Join him on this adventure and discover how eu-analytics can revolutionize the way you analyze and understand your website's data while safeguarding the information of your visitors.