What is PECR ?

What is PECR?

PECR is a regulation that aims to protect personal data and the privacy of individuals during their electronic communications. It applies to all organizations and businesses that use information and communication technologies, such as emails, SMS, telephone calls, and social networks.

What aspects does PECR cover?

PECR covers several aspects of privacy and protection of personal data during electronic communications. Here are a few examples:

  • The use of cookies and other tracking technologies on websites
  • Commercial emails and marketing communications
  • Telephone calls and SMS for commercial purposes
  • The protection of user data when using social networks and online messaging

How to ensure compliance with PECR?

There are several ways to ensure compliance with PECR as an organization or business:

  • Explicitly ask people for consent before using their personal data for marketing or communication purposes
  • Clearly inform people of their rights and how their data will be used
  • Implement security measures to protect people's data from leaks, hacks, and other privacy violations
  • Comply with local regulations and laws on data protection and privacy